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Laura Macgregor


Contract Law Update 2017


Contract law is at the core of the work solicitors do. Whatever your area of practice you will encounter contracts frequently. You will negotiate, draft or enter into contracts on behalf of clients on an almost daily basis. You may be asked questions about what a contract means, whether it has been breached and the consequences of any breach. Edinburgh Law Seminar's Contract Law Update provides a comprehensive overview of all important developments in this fundamental area of law.

Delivered by presenters who are experts in their field they combine academic depth with practical insight. The Contract Law Update covers:

  • All major decisions in Scotland in 2016/17
  • Significant cases from England in 2016/17
  • Important statutory developments; and
  • Upcoming legal reforms to be aware of

As well as updating you on the law this seminar considers how developments are likely to impact on your practice.  All delegates receive a substantial set of materials providing thorough notes on all cases and statutory developments – an indispensable update to your contract law resources.

Laura Macgregor is Professor of Commercial Contract Law and Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Commercial Law at the University of Edinburgh. Lorna Richardson is Lecturer in Commercial Law at the University of Edinburgh.

Learning Outcomes and Objectives
The learning outcomes and objectives are that by the end of the seminar delegates will have (i) a sound knowledge and understanding of all major developments in the law of contact which occurred between May 2016 and May 2017; (ii) an appreciation of how these developments could or should influence their practice; and (iii) an indispensable set of source materials for easy reference following the seminar. 

Lorna Richardson