For the twenty-eighth successive year, Professor Kenneth Reid and Professor George Gretton will be giving a comprehensive and indispensable review of the cases and statutory developments during the past 12 months which affect conveyancing law and practice. This seminar will be chaired by Alan Barr, Partner, Brodies LLP/University of Edinburgh.

In 2018 the Supreme Court limited the liability of borrowers' solicitors to lenders by holding that there was no liability where a bank mistakenly discharged a standard security on the basis of erroneous information from the borrower’s solicitor. The Keeper’s warranty was litigated for the first time. Among the cases about missives were decisions on negative prescription, implied terms, and non-supersession clauses. There was significant authority, including from the Inner House, on public access rights under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003. The Lands Tribunal considered the continuing enforceability of feudal real burdens, as well as determining a range of applications for variation and discharge of title conditions. There was authority on whether a title to land was truly held on trust. Other matters to attract the attention of the courts included break notices in leases, pre-emptions, the interpretation of servitudes, the problem of overlapping titles on the Land Register, the liability of searchers for failing to pick up an inhibition, and judicial rectification. In what was generally a thin year for legislation, the Scottish Government released its proposals for the creation of a new Register of Persons Holding a Controlled Interest in Land.   

All these and other developments in the law will be discussed

and evaluated during the seminar. There will be an

opportunity for questions. A substantial set of materials

will give the full text of the talks, and will also list and summarise

all cases and statutory material from 2018. As in previous years,

each delegate will receive a copy of the revised materials when

published in book form by Avizandum Publishing Ltd in spring 2019.

Learning Outcomes and Objectives
The learning outcomes and objectives are that (i) by the end of the seminar, participants should have a sound knowledge and understanding of all major developments in the law of conveyancing which occurred in 2018, and (ii) through the provision of extensive materials, solicitors should be equipped to undertake such further study of developments in 2018 as they may find necessary or desirable.


Kenneth Reid is Professor of Scots Law, The University of Edinburgh

George Gretton is Lord President Reid Professor of Law Emeritus, The University of Edinburgh.​




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​What Happened in 2018?

George Gretton

“Excellent - as usual.”

"...informative, engaging and entertaining!"

​“Thoroughly enjoyable seminar from the two giants of conveyancing."
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