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Our 25th anniversary year has passed in a flash but that won’t stop us continuing to celebrate death, taxes and other private client concerns.  Once more Alan Barr and Sandra Eden will sweep up the detritus of the private client world, in their popular seminar for those dealing with the miseries that life and death throws at us and our clients.  

Plenty of new developments as the Scottish legislature flexes its tax muscles, while Westminster develops ours with a heavier volume of tax legislation than ever before. IHT, CGT and relevant income tax will be covered, from the courts as well as the Parliaments. The Scottish courts have pitched in with important cases on executries, trusts and related matters.

This seminar will review statute and case law, as well
as other material. It is a vital review (and sometimes a
preview) for anyone working in this area –
​comprehensive coverage with detailed materials,
delivered with a light touch. What’s not to like (apart
rom the death ​and the taxes, that is)?


Learning Outcomes and Objectives

The learning outcomes and objectives are that (i) by the end of the seminar, participants  should have a sound knowledge and understanding of all major developments in the law, including taxation, relating to wills trusts and executries which occurred in 2017, and (ii) through the provision of extensive materials, solicitors should be equipped to undertake such further study of developments in 2017 as they may find necessary or desirable.

Alan Barr is Honorary Fellow at the School of Law, University of Edinburgh and a partner at Brodies LLP. Sandra Eden is Senior Lecturer at the School of Law, University of Edinburgh.



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"Hands down THE best seminar on the CPD
circuit - 10 years in attendance!"

"Very informative seminar and well delivered as always"

"Excellent seminar, comprehensive materials."
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Estate Planning and Tax: Wills Trusts and Executries 

Alan Barr